Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why the outrage about AT&T and iPhone4?

AT&T is the displaying the financial calculations of a company that has a monopoly.  Why invest in systems capable of handling the known volumes when it is a temporary condition?  Why really work to build out the network when a VZ-version of the iPhone will drop AT&T's traffic numbers by 50%?  Why do anything but the minimum when the goal is profit?  Is it really that hard to come to terms with the fact that AT&T knows where it stands and has chosen to act the way it is based solely on profit?  Have you forgotten where AT&T came from?

Wake up people.  Until Apple signs a deal with VZ, the addiction to the iPhone means the local "drug dealer" can treat you like dog food because you can't go anywhere else to satisfy your addiction. 

AT&T is a bottom-line company.  Network expansion and large web server farms cost money.  Why spend it if there is no need?  Simple, short-sited business decision.  Until Apple sees an impact on sales, expect AT&T to do nothing that takes away from its bottom line.  Apple is the tail wagging all of AT&T.

If you don't like it, find a local 12-step iPhone program.

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