Sunday, March 17, 2013

Summer of Sequels Comes to Text Messaging

It’s approaching summertime which means it’s time for sequels.  We have already had the latest Die Hard movie.  The Wizard of Oz now has a sequel.  SpiderMan 2 is coming as is another round of Transformers and X-Men. 

So why does Hollywood have such a reliance on sequels?  Money.  Nothing more complicated than that.  If an original movie did well, sequels are created to extend the revenue stream the original movie produced.  In short, take a successful idea and extend the usefulness of the idea to create continued revenue streams.  If the formula did not work, you can be sure that Hollywood would not create the vast number of sequels it does every year.

Technology is the same.  Apple has grown to be very successful by creating sequels of all their hottest products.  In many cases, these sequels are delivered long before a dip in the current revenue streams occurs.  HP used to do the same with printers.

Did you know that text messaging has a sequel waiting in the wings.  That’s right.  The most ubiquitous form of sharing information has a new version ready to be delivered to every text messaging user in the world.  Want to see success built upon success?  That’s Smashtalk®

Smashtalk is the sequel to the current form of text messaging.  Like a movie sequel, current texting users will quickly recognize the original and find the sequel to be even better. 

Smashtalk is text messaging that includes Reply-All functionality.  No web sites.  No change of behavior.  No impact to the carrier’s network.  Send a text message to a group of friends or colleagues and each recipient can reply with a single text message that goes to everyone on the original recipient list.  It’s just like e-mail but done with text messaging.

Smashtalk is fully backwards compatible with existing phones thus allowing Smashtalk messages to be received as if they were sent by an old-fashioned phone.

Simply put, Smashtalk is the sequel to the current generation of text messaging and Smashtalk patents are available for licensing.  Smashtalk is running today on PCs and Macs and can be easily ported to any telephony device.

If you are ready for the text messaging sequel, contact your carrier and demand they provide you Smashtalk on your phone.  Isn’t it time you enjoy a sequel that makes your life easier each and every day?

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