Saturday, February 12, 2011

Making Every Contact Center Resource a High Performer

Today, contact centers around the world are spending hundreds of millions every year in an effort to measure the performance of their employees. Quality Monitoring (QM), Infomarts, Datamarts, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking and Speech Analytics are just some of the forms and names representing these products. Without these types of reports, managing the contact center staff would be quite a challenge.

Sadly, most companies have no idea that all of the investments they have made to produce performance reports only tell half the story. Companies all over the world are making decisions today based on having only 50% of the available information. Why is that?

We have just seen the Super Bowl between the Jets and the Packers. Imagine you are the coach of the Packers. You keep detailed stats about each and every play in every game and practice session. At the end of any game, you compile all the play statistics and look at how each player performed. Businesses collect much of the same type of “performance” data each and every day about their “players”.

Major sports teams know, however, that the performance reports are just the beginning of the analysis process. The successful sports teams take the performance reports at the end of each game and develop training plans for each player in order that they correct their “errors” before the next game. A continuous performance feedback process is a vital part of every successful team. Every contact center needs to adopt this strategy; convert the performance results into an actionable training program.

The Skills Assessor product from Silver Lining Solutions is a unique product designed to take the performance measurement results and combine them with the results of knowledge measurement or assessment tests to create a complete picture of each contact center resource. That’s the missing 50% -- connecting the performance measurement tools to a set of knowledge measurement tools and then locate all the correlations that exist between the 2.

Just as each position on the football field requires specific skills, so too do the various tasks in the contact center. Want to know the skill requirements needed to make the ideal quarterback, wide receiver or nose tackle? The coaching staff know and they drill and drill their players in order that every player is the best they can be at their position. Contact centers need to do the same.

Silver Lining refers to this skills requirement as “Skills DNA”. Using the Skills Analysis tool included with Skills Assessor, the ideal skill set, or Skills DNA, for each task can be formulated, compared to the measured skills of all the current staff and validated by the performance results. Contact center agents coming up short in the measurement of their performance can quickly be identified and scheduled for additional training so that they too can be the best at their position.

Skills Assessor is the tool to tell you why the high performers are high performers and what to do to bring the rest of the staff up to that performance level. Skills Assessor is the tool for the Enterprise to build a world class customer service delivery model with high performers in every position.

So how many high performers do you have in your company? Isn’t it time to add knowledge measurement to your existing performance measurement systems? Without both measurement systems, high performers are more accidental than predictable. Do you want to operate your business by accident?

For more information about Skills Assessor from Silver Lining Solutions, visit their web site: SIlver Lining Solutions

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