Sunday, January 06, 2013

Text Messaging is like Windshield Wipers

What do windshield wipers and text messaging have in common?  More than you may imagine.

When cars were first being built, windshield wipers came 1 to a car and were manually twisted back and forth to clear the windshield.  The process, while primitive by today’s standard, worked just fine.  Cars did not travel at high speed and were not well sealed so driving in the rain was not a great experience wipers or not. 

Electric wipers were an innovation that added quite an expense and were commonly viewed as a feature for only the high-end cars.  It took a number of years before all cars came equipped with electric wipers.  As history has shown, without the introduction of electric wipers, driving cars at high speeds in the rain would be impossible.  Few people saw that potential limitation until cars started to go faster.  Text messaging is following this same evolutionary path.

Text messaging, recently celebrating 20 years of existence, is a very simple and easy way to send 160 characters to 1 or more recipients.  Like the first design of wipers, text messaging of today is antiquated and ripe for improvements.  The “motor-driven” version of SMS is text messaging with “Reply-All” functionality.  Sadly, until now, the majority of efforts to deploy this feature have involved the use of 3rd party web sites.  In the wiper business, this is akin to using air jets to blow rain off the windshield instead of improving the wiper mechanism.

Smashtalk® is the “electric motor” version of text messaging.  Smashtalk is native text messaging but with the Reply-All capability baked right into the software.  No 3rd party web sites.  No change to the carrier infrastructure.  No learning curve for the consumer.  Best of all, full backward compatibility with all existing SMS systems is native in Smashtalk.

The real question the telecom industry ought to be asking is what advances will occur once Smashtalk is adopted by all the mobile OS vendors?  Smashtalk’s Reply-All capability along with its application to application messaging is certain to change the way people and applications communicate.

Contact your carrier and handset vendor today and demand Smashtalk.  The future of text messaging awaits those with the vision to see the breadth of possibilities.

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